Ordinary people doing extraordinary things to stand up for our democracy.

New Faces of Democracy is about hope.
That’s right, hope, in a time when a lot of us are full of despair.

Like many of you, I woke up on the morning of November 9, 2016 and felt like the world had come to an end, or at least the America I love. After a few days of wandering in a daze, I realized it was time to get to work to fight for the country I believed in. I started a political action group, and in the process of running that group, I witnessed the emergence of a remarkable and awe-inspiring group of individuals and organizations committed to defending and protecting our democracy, the most precious asset we have as Americans. Thus was born New Faces of Democracy, devoted to both spreading the word about these changemakers and chronicling the tremendous political and patriotic energy of this time in history.

New Faces of Democracy is a series of profiles of these modern day heroes, regular citizens from all walks of life, who are using their talents and skills to transform the political landscape. In these short profiles, you will hear their stories and learn about their missions. And if you want to get involved, some will even have action steps to help you get started. We all have a voice in our democracy and there are already paths in place to make it heard.

Who am I? I’m a mother, a lawyer, a wife, a daughter and a descendant of immigrants. I’ve always been proud to be American, but I’m not proud of where America is today. I believe in the melting pot and the American dream.  I believe that true patriots are those who can find common ground with those with whom they disagree as fellow Americans who put their country first. I believe all these things are worth fighting for.

My hope is that New Faces of Democracy will help you find your own political voice, inspire you to take action and most importantly, give you hope that there will be a silver lining to this era. As we become more engaged citizens, our democracy will become stronger and more resilient than ever.

So yes, New Faces of Democracy is about hope, and our ability to bring about the change we want to see in our country.