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Elizabeth Fernandez of Movement Voter Project

February 24, 2021

This episode features a conversation with Elizabeth Fernandez of Movement Voter Project. Movement Voter Project is based on the ingenious concept of empowering local grassroots groups that work in and are trusted by their communities every day to bring home important wins for Democrats during elections. MVP provides local groups around the country with support and training and frees them up from time-consuming fundraising to focus on their important work helping and advocating for their neighbors. And when elections roll around, these organizers are perfectly positioned to get out the Democratic vote in ways that no outsider could replicate. MVP may fly under the radar but its reach is deep and wide, having raised $100 million in the last election cycle. Nancy and Elizabeth talk about MVP’s astonishing impact in 2020; why the key to lasting progressive change lies in empowering local community organizers; and why they need support all year, every year and not just during the big elections. 


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