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Max Rose of Sheriffs for Trusting Communities

September 16, 2020

This episode features a conversation with Max Rose, founder of Sheriffs for Trusting Communities. Imagine a law enforcement officer with vast power and authority, little accountability and no meaningful term limits. That’s called a sheriff. It’s an elected position but  many of us do not look far enough down the ballot or know enough to cast a vote. Nationwide, sheriffs make 2 million arrests every year, they control our jails and they have immense power in the civil arena as well when it comes to things like evictions, gun permits and civil asset forfeitures. Max and Nancy talk about the role sheriffs play in mass incarceration and deportation, the ties of some to the white supremacy movement, and what needs to be done to reform the office. Sheriffs for Trusting Communities works with local organizers to help educate people on what sheriffs do, elect new sheriffs that reflect the visions of their communities and then hold them accountable. Finally, Max gives us the questions to ask of our own sheriffs to make sure they are reflecting our values.


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