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Brian Derrick of Oath

July 10, 2024

What to do after a week of a disastrous presidential debate and devastating Supreme Court rulings? This episode features a conversation with Brian Derrick of Oath, who has one solution: smart, impactful giving to candidates up and down the ballot who will protect democracy and defend our most cherished rights. Oath is an online fundraising platform that helps Democratic donors identify where their money is most needed in the races that mean the most to them, whether their focus is flipping the House, state legislatures, reproductive rights and more. Nancy and Brian talk about the problem of wasted donations to long shot candidates; the nimble, data-driven scoring system they use at Oath to make their recommendations; and one side benefit of using Oath which is ending the nonstop barrage of emails and text messages from campaigns. Listen to the end to hear how to stay positive during what’s shaping up to be a challenging summer. To learn more about Oath, check out their website at


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