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Emily White of #iVoted Concerts

June 12, 2024


This episode features a conversation with Emily White of #iVoted Concerts. For all the technology in our world today, voter turnout tactics, like door knocking and phone banking, have seen remarkably little innovation in decades. But when, in 2016, Wisconsin native and music industry insider Emily White first heard about the narrow vote margin that helped Donald Trump win the White House in her home state, she thought, “Wait a minute, that’s the size of a concert venue!”. That was the lightbulb moment when Emily came up with the idea of organizing election night concerts with free tickets for people who show a selfie in front of their polling place. The result has been a beautiful marriage of music and data to engage more voters and strengthen democracy. Emily and Nancy talk about the fact that young people are twice as likely to attend a concert than vote; the MIT analysis showing the remarkable increase in voter turnout that resulted from #iVoted Concerts; and the highly targeted, data-driven events planned for this year around the country, particularly in swing states. If you want to learn more about #iVoted Concerts or to support their work, check out their website where you can make a tax-deductible donation and find links to their social media.


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