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Lindsey Drath of the Forward Party

May 18, 2023


This episode features a conversation with Lindsey Drath, CEO of the Forward Party, a newly formed political party that intends to bring power back to the majority of Americans and take it away from the fringes. Imagine a world in which the will of the plurality rules, where the 70-80% of Americans who support things like gun laws and abortion and climate action have their say, instead of being governed by extremists. With the support of political luminaries from both major parties, like Andrew Yang, Evan McMullin, David Jolly, and Christine Todd Whitman, the Forward Party promises to return power back to the people with a bottom up approach where communities dictate policy, not the parties. How? Through the transformative power of electoral reforms like ranked choice voting, open primaries and independent redistricting committees that motivate candidates to appeal to the majority of voters. Listen to Lindsey and decide for yourself if this is a utopian pipedream or a realistic path out of our broken and polarized political system. For more information on the Forward Party, visit their website at


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