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Katie Michel of Victory Garden Collective

February 17, 2021


This episode features a conversation with Katie Michel, owner of Planthouse Gallery in New York City and a member of Victory Garden Collective, a group of women artists using their craft to exercise their patriotic duty. While the group started in 2016 to support Hillary Clinton in anticipation of her victory, it morphed into an act of political resistance under Trump, and their work is now found in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum and Yale's Beinecke Library, among others. Just as victory gardens in WWII provided sustenance and nurturing, so has the Victory Garden Collective in providing sustenance to both the artists and their audience during a challenging four years while nurturing the resistance through works that unite activism with a tongue-in-cheek domesticity. Nancy and Katie talk about the power of political art to unite, console and inspire us; finding joy in being part of the conversation; and the multitudes of women who have discovered their political voices in the last four years and made them heard. 


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