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Ravi Gupta: Changing the Face of Politics

October 7, 2020

This episode features a conversation with Ravi Gupta, an Obama alum, podcast host and founder of Arena, an organization that trains and supports the next generation of Democratic candidates and campaign staff. After working on Obama’s campaign and then administration, Ravi stepped away to start a network of schools in the south but jumped back into political action immediately after the 2016 election. At Arena, Ravi uses his political expertise to identify and support transformative new candidates outside of the traditional political establishment who reflect the diversity of our society. Then he does everything possible to help them win at the state, local and federal level.  Arena also trains campaign staff, creating a talent pipeline to run those campaigns. Ravi and Nancy talk about how to make politics more transparent and equitable, ways to reach out to those on the other side of the political spectrum and what we can still do now, in the 11th hour before Election Day, to make a difference. 


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