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How to Flip Florida Blue with 140 Florida Blue Project

July 21, 2020

Janelle Christensen is a professor and head of the Florida Democratic Environmental Caucus. Margie Stein is a political activist who has found her niche in fundraising for Florida state races. Together, this dynamic duo are spearheading an effort to turn Florida blue by taking a page out of the Virginia playbook that helped flip that state in 2019. Their program, called 140 Florida Blue Project, has recruited democratic candidates to run in all 33 of Florida’s state legislature races in which the Republican candidate had been running unopposed. They talk about why it matters to chip away at the margins in red districts, building democratic infrastructure and momentum for future election cycles and the path to winning Florida’s 29 electoral votes for Biden. This is grassroots activism at it’s grassiest, in arguably the most important swing state in the country, and you will be amazed at what these two have pulled off in a few short months. If you want to get involved or support 140 Florida Blue Project, you can donate here or email


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