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Tech for Campaigns: Bringing the Tech and Digital Edge to Democrats

October 14, 2020

This episode features a conversation with Jessica Alter and Krisserin Canary of Tech for Campaigns. After Trump’s Muslim ban in 2017, tech entrepreneur Jessica Alter couldn’t take it anymore and asked a few of her fellow tech workers if they were interested in volunteering their skills to help Democratic campaigns, and Tech for Campaigns was born. Tech for campaigns is now the permanent tech and digital arm for Democrats, offering access to best-in-class talent with their 15,000 volunteers focusing on state races. Jessica and Krisserin, a state director in charge of flipping the Texas State House, talk to Nancy about why they focus on state races, catching up with the Republicans who are 8-10 years ahead on tech and digital, and why no matter what happens on Election Day, they both know they will have left it all on the field.


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