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Seth Bluestein: A Republican Election Official for All Voters

April 17, 2024

On this episode, Nancy speaks with Philadelphia City Commissioner Seth Bluestein, a Republican whose office is in charge of election operations and voter registration in the Pennsylvania city. Nancy and Seth talk about why, despite enduring threats and harassment in 2020 from members of his own party, Seth remains committed to his mission of ensuring free, secure and transparent elections for all voters. They also discuss the importance of bipartisanship, what it means to be a principled Republican today, and why Seth has recently become affiliated with the Forward Party. This conversation will leave you feeling reassured about the prospects for this year’s elections and the people who run them in Pennsylvania, where the thinnest of margins can have the largest of impacts.  

To learn more about the Forward Party, listen to Nancy's conversation with Lindsey Williams Drath on Episode 40 of the New Faces of Democracy podcast.


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